Tyler Carawan

Tyler, a Brokerage Placement Specialist at PDI, has focused his career in business specific insurance coverage since his introduction into insurance in 2005, when he was hired by a local Atlanta agent as a sales associate to grow the agency by focusing on commercial clients. Over a two-year period, Tyler dedicated himself to establishing new relationships within the community, working hard for his clients, and earning the business and respect of a multitude of business owners whose needs were just as unique as their various businesses.

In 2007, Tyler moved to Denver, Colorado, where he promptly began to focus on the various needs of Colorado business owners. Tyler established relationships with a variety of insurers in order to meet his clients’ various needs and gave PDI the ability to provide insurance coverage to almost any business imaginable. Over the years, Tyler has consistently provided his customers with competitive quotes, excellent customer service, and has cultivated relationships not only with business owners, but a great number of local and national insurance agents.

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